Barcelona Day Two

We haven’t had much luck with neighbours the past couple of nights. At the aire in Cervena, a van parked up next to us at about 11pm, just as we were going to bed, and the bloke decided it would be perfectly fine to get out of his van and wander up and down outside our van rabbiting away loudly in French for half an hour or more. Last night, the couple in a caravan about 50 yards away thought that 11pm would be a great time to start having a barney (coincidentally in French), and they were still going bang at it at about midnight when I must have fallen asleep.  So far so good for tonight.

We were up early this morning and caught the bus into BCN, and  we’ve spent the day walking all over the city. According to Carol’s pedometer we’ve walked about 11 miles. We were very disappointed to find that they now charge €8 each to go in the Gaudi area in Park Güell. We’ve been before so didn’t see the point in paying again, especially when we were there at 2pm and would have been given a ticket for about 5pm.

For our evening meal we went to Ciudad Condal which is our favourite restaurant in town. Our friends Gema and Jorge took us there a few years back when they lived locally, and the food was just as good this time. The calçots are in season, which are like baby leeks served with a romesco sauce – recommended if you are in BCN in the spring.

I unfortunately don’t have many photos to upload as my camera has disappeared. I think I had it stolen from my backpack this afternoon, when someone was stood right behind me on the escalator when we were in El Corte Inglés. Luckily I had backed up all photos apart from yesterday and today, so there weren’t many photos lost (and we have loads of photos of BCN from previous visits to the city). We also have another camera which is just as good, so can continue taking photos on our travels.

We’ve decided not to go into BCN tomorrow, as it’s carnival time in Sitges, the town where we’re staying. When we came back into Sitges on the bus tonight there were loads of people wearing fancy dress. Tomorrow there will be a children’s parade during the day and a grown ups’ parade in the evening which sounds good fun, so we’ll be staying local. It will be interesting to see how this compares with the Wickford carnival!

Here are some pics from our phones:

Jamón time
This is what heaven looks like!
In Park Güell


4 thoughts on “Barcelona Day Two”

  1. Sorry to hear about your camera Mike. When we were in Madrid last year I had a run in with a pickpocket who was right up our back when we were walking near the palace gardens, fortunately my bag was double zipped. These guys are really light footed it wasn’t until I felt something not right behind us and turned to look that the b……d stepped back and looked all innocent that I realised what a close shave we had! Take care

    • Thanks Lynda. Yes, they’re right buggers. Looking on the bright side though, at least it wasn’t my wallet or phone.

  2. Really sorry to hear about your camera – I used to keep a small padlock on the zip of mine (when there’s a zip fastener at either end that you can join with the padlock) – although I know they have been know to slash through pockets with a knife. Hope the carnival is good fun – looks like you’re having some nice weather.

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