Bellvei de Penedes

We’d been told that the Sitges children’s carnival would take place in the afternoon, so we pottered around in the morning and had lunch in the van before walking into town. It was a beautiful sunny day, but at this time of year it gets rather chilly in the evening, so we packed our woolies in our backpacks and set off into town.

We saw the crowds down one of the side streets, so made our way along to find the children’s carnival in full flow, with all the kiddies dressed up in their outfits parading along with floats. It was an orderly kind of chaos, with the route lined 4-5 people deep and others standing on walls to get a better view. One of the things they do is throw confetti everywhere, and the littl’uns took great delight in showering spectators and each other with the stuff.

Children’s carnival
Children’s Carnval

Once the kiddies’ parade had finished we went for a wander. It’s quite a big seaside town, and the place was heaving. It was fun to see that many of the crowd had dressed up in some costume or other, as though carnival day were a giant fancy dress party.

Who ordered fried eggs?
Where’s Wally?

We found our way to the seafront and were fortunate enough to find a bar with a couple of seats outside. They would only let people sit there if eating, so we had to have a mini second lunch to have a couple of drinks and watch the world go by.

After a walk along the seafront and through the town, it was time for dinner before getting our spot on the route for the main carnival, which we were told would start at 7:30. Unfortunately with this being Spain, the restaurants had all stopped serving until later in the evening, but we’d seen a mobile burrito bar on the seafront and so we had our dinner there.

We found a spot on the railings, wrapped up in our woolies and waited… and waited. The procession didn’t start until after 8pm, and it was a good half hour before it reached us. The costumes and floats were excellent, and a lot of work had obviously gone into it all. The dancers were good fun as well. The Wickford Carnival will have to go some to match this!

There must have been a good 50 floats, but by about 10pm, with the carnival still in full flow, we needed a good sit down so retired to one of the bars for a well deserved drink before the half-hour walk back, getting to the van at about midnight (hence no blog update last night!).

Here are some pics of the evening’s entertainment:

Sitges Carnival
Sitges Carnival
Sitges Carnival
Sitges Carnival – even Brexit gets a mention!
Sitges Carnival
Sitges Carnival
Sitges Carnival
Sitges Carnival – Spain’s entry for Eurovision this year?
Sitges Carnival
Sitges Carnival

Tonight we’re on an aire about 20km from Sitges. It’s not a free one, but it’s a nice place and is good value at €11 for the night with electricity included. Carol’s been spending the afternoon reading, and I went for a ride on my bike for an hour. We’ve decided to slow down now and take our time getting to Valencia. Tomorrow we’ll be looking to find another aire, preferably near the coast.


3 thoughts on “Bellvei de Penedes”

  1. Hi both
    Really colourful and atmospheric pics. I hope you managed to bag a couple of the fried egg costumes!
    I have been to Sitges and it is a smart, fun and cosmopolitan place.
    Valencia is of course, really quite something. I need to go back because when we went we could not go into their fabulous opera house and to me that alone will be worth just returning there to do.
    Just being nosey, I was just wondering how the spend is going and whether you are spending less than planned, maybe?

    • Hi Dominic, good to hear from you again!

      Yep we’re looking forward to Valencia – I’m such a heathen, I didn’t know there was an opera house there!

      I’ll be talking about money in a post shortly, but in answer to your question we are way over budget! We’ve been in holiday mode so far, but we’ll be reigning in the spending now that we’ve found our feet.


  2. Some fantastic pictures there! Ok love how the Spanish throw themselves into carnivals, parades and fiestas – they truly know how to enjoy themselves.

    Really enjoying reading all about your adventures!

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