This morning we made the short drive to Tarragona. It’s quite a large coastal town, and on the drive in there were signs for the Centro Histórico. As these typically have very narrow streets, we headed away in a different direction and parked up on the sea front.

After a steep climb up a hill and rock staircase, we found ourselves in the old town. Today is the final day of the carnival week, and there was some sort of joke parade going on.

Naughty bishop!

The town dates back to Roman times, and there were a few ruins about the place.

Roman forum
Roman ampitheatre
Roman ampitheatre

We had a wander round the market and shops, and Carol’s amazed that there are no Easter eggs or hot cross buns in the shops! By mid-afternoon we needed to move on to find a parking spot for the night. Back in the van we headed for Salou, the next town along the coast. It’s a seaside town, and as expected it was pretty quiet out of season. There were lots of places to park, but nowhere grabbed our attention so we continued to the next town Cambrils.

We’re parked up in a quiet street around 50m from the beach. We’ve been for a walk and it’s a lovely town with beaches and a small fishing port, though I bet it’s heaving in the summer.

Fishing boat coming into Cambrils port
Sorting the day’s catch

When we got back to the van we noticed a really musty smell, and there was a small puddle of water on the floor. It was coming from under the kitchen sink, and I had to disassemble the seating area to access the waste pipe. I’m so glad I took my mate Paul’s advice and brought a special socket set with me, as I’d have been knackered without it. I’ve patched it up for now, and will get it fixed properly when we get to Valencia.

Before: spot the problem!
Where would we be without gaffer tape?

We haven’t made any plans for tomorrow. We’ll probably just head a little further along the coast.


5 thoughts on “Cambrils”

  1. Glad all ok. Looks like you are having a fantastic time. I hope it is all that you thought it would be. Paul does have some good ideas. Weather turned cold here again. Had hailstones yesterday. I think you have the better weather!!!! Take care xxxx

  2. Great photos of the carnival – can we have some photos of attractive men as well next time ha ha. Interesting to see those ruins next to a block of modern flats – such a contrast. Pleased to see I’m not the only person who takes Duck tape on holiday!! I do a special travel version where you wrap it round an old gift card so it’s fairly flat to fit into a case – found it on YouTube – good tip.

  3. Lesley – will try and nab the camera from Mike and take a few more pics of the guys just for you!! Jane – hope you are well. Where has the time gone??!! x

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