It was grey and overcast first thing this morning, and rather cold with a slight frost. We’d decided that today we would follow the route of El Cid in the direction of Zaragoza, which was recommended to us by the lady in the tourist office yesterday.

It was a good route to drive, mainly along the quiet country lanes, but with stretches on the motorway too. We stopped off along the way at an assortment of old towns and villages, and went for walks through the narrow lanes to see the churches and castles. The weather cheered up as the day went on, and by late afternoon it was really warm.

We’re now in a large-ish town called Calatayud . Before finding tonight’s aire, we called in at the supermarket to replenish our supplies, and €56 later we have a full fridge freezer.

The aire was easy to find (thanks to the satnav) and at the moment we’re the only van here. It’s a small aire, with just seven spaces, and the services are all in good order. It’s also free!

We went for a wander into the town and it’s quite big. We’ve decided that we’ll go for a drive tomorrow, taking a loop south to take in some more old towns and villages, and stay here again tomorrow.

We had planned to then stop on a campsite in Zaragoza, but there’s only the one site and it’s rather expensive, especially when we’d have to stay there for two nights if we wanted to spend a day in town.

The road signage on the motorway today all pointed to Barcelona. We hadn’t planned to go there, but we do like it there, and we haven’t been there for a while, so it would be rude not to! We don’t have to be in Valencia for three weeks, so we should easily be able to fit it in.


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  1. As you say rude not to go to Barcelona. Thank you for Jasper’s card. He would have liked the veal tripe. Licked his lips!!!!!

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