A day in Medinaceli

Having decided to stay put today, we’ve taken it easy and just chilled out.

I haven’t been able to resolve the USB charging problem, and drew a blank with the guys on a Facebook group for technical moho issues. The van’s already booked in for a service when we get to Valencia in mid-March so will get them to fix it then. In the meantime we will only power up our gadgets when we need them, and stay on campsites with electricity hook up twice a week to charge everything up. This means that I might not be able to update this blog on a daily basis (it takes about an hour to write a blog entry, resize the photos and upload). 

We went for a walk round the town a couple of times. This morning I sweet talked the lady in the tourist information office, and she agreed to charge up our power pack so that we have four or five phone charges.

This afternoon, we stopped by the monastery and there was a sign on the door offering ‘dulces’ or sweet food. We went in and rang the bell, and after a couple of minutes this swivel-window thing turned, and a nun’s head appeared through a grille, and a box of home made biscuits and €5 were exchanged. 

Tomorrow we’ll be taking the road towards Zaragoza, taking in quite a few stops recommended by my new friend in the tourist information. 


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  1. Glad the weather better for you. Its a bit warmer here today, partly cloudy. Hope you get the charging problem sorted, that is a pain. Take care xxxxx

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