We spent the morning driving to Medinaceli. It’s a very pretty old town dating from Roman times, and it’s on the top of a really steep climb. There’s a Plaza Mayor, churches, a castle and lots of little passageways to wander through. 

Tonight we’re having dinner in the van, and we’ll go for a wander after dark when the old buildings will hopefully be illuminated. 

We’ll be staying here tomorrow as well, as most places tend to be shut on a Sunday, and this is as good a place as any to stay. 

Were having a bit of a problem with the electrics on the van. It has a 12v circuit for when we’re off grid (not on a camp site) and this has two USB sockets to charge our phones. The USB sockets have just started playing up so we can only now charge our phones when the van’s on electric hook up, or when the engine is running. Posts will therefore be brief with no photos until we can get to the bottom of this.