We’re now at Nordkapp which, at 71° 10′ 21″, is the most northerly point in Europe.

It was quite a long drive to get here, along the fjord and then through tunnels and across the mountains. Even on a wet, grey day, the scenery was wonderful. The landscape here is very rugged, and the people who live here must be hardy folks.

At 550 NOK (roughly £55) to stay here for 24 hours, this must be the dearest overnight stop since we set off on our travels, but it’s worth it. There’s a visitor centre here with the usual restaurant and gift shop, and outside there’s a globe monument near the edge of the cliff.

Nordkapp is very popular with coach parties from the cruises, but fortunately we got here before the coaches started to arrive, so we could have a walk around and take photos without having to jostle with the masses. Over the course of the afternoon there must have been 50 or more coach loads of people arrive. We’ve also been to the cinema to see an interesting panorama film on an all-round screen showing the cape through the four seasons.

Tomorrow we will head west towards Alta. After a busy few weeks we’ll be slowing down now. Before setting off on our trip, Norway was very high on the list of places we wanted to visit, so the plan is that we’ll NOW spend a couple of months or more enjoying all that Norway has to offer.


6 thoughts on “Nordkapp”

  1. Visited there on a cruise about 10 years ago. Fascinating place. Still have me certificate for crossing the Arctic Circle

  2. Brings back many happy memories. I had to hold on to the railings for dear life as it was so windy when we visited. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit to Norway. Luv Lesley xx

  3. We’re just about 4 weeks behind you, and at the mo we’re heading up through Denmark and Sweden with a goal set to get to Nordkapp in early July. Therefore, we’ll carry on reading your blog for any interesting tips re good camping spots on the slow road back down

    • Hope you’re having a great time, we’ll check your blog out as well. If you have any questions then please shout!

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