San Sebastián

We visited San Sebastián four years ago on a foodie weekend and loved it, so thought it would be rude not to stop again as we were passing by.

There’s little to no parking in town, so we booked ourselves into a campsite a few miles outside of town, half an hour’s bus ride from the town centre. Like all of the other campsites we’ve stayed on so far, it’s part of the ACSI scheme which gives discounted rates to members outside of high season, so cost €34 for two nights. The facilities are pretty good, though as we’ve had loads of rain over the past couple of days, the pitches were very muddy.


We spent the day today in San Sebastián visiting several pintxos bars and we had a great time – the food was great.

We didn’t eat any of these!
Avocado and elvers pintxos
Food heaven!
More pintxos
Taking a time out from the food!
It’s hard work all this eating!
Stewed beef cheeks… absolutely delicious

We’ve had a fantastic time in Spain and Portugal over the past four months, and are now looking forward to moving into France for the next month or so.


3 thoughts on “San Sebastián”

  1. You are certainly giving me some ideas of places to travel to now I’m retired. San Sebastián will now definitely be on my list – that food looks amazing (and so does the beach). I’m looking forward to hearing about your travels in France next.

  2. Lesley,you would love San Sebastian, great food and lovely beaches too. It’s was our second time here and we’d love to come back again in the future. Hope the retirement is going well!

  3. Yes – work seems like a million years ago now!! Still plodding on with the family tree. Been putting a small water garden together for the front as the solar powered fountain never really worked with our weather (our front gets very little ‘bright’ sun) and the window cleaner finished it off by treading on (falling into) the pebble pond – to be fair, it was covered with pebbles but I thought I’d highlighted it by using a circle of large rounded stones – obviously not 🙁 . I’m off to Krakow on Sunday – struggling to fit all my hair equipment and mini make-up into my hand luggage – 1st time I have not checked a bag into the hold!! And first time away with my sister for around 42 years. Wish me luck. Love reading about both yours and Sarah’s adventures.

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