Scenes from a Norweigan supermarket

Just a fun post showing some photos taken whilst shopping in the supermarkets over here:

Silly name section…

Lots of supermarkets sell wool – probably for knitting on those long, winter evenings
Seafood pick & mix
The bread’s often numbered… I always feel like mixing these up, but my inner OCD won’t let me
Over £2.50 for a tin of tomato soup
Motörhead Roadcrew ale costs nearly £4 for a 330ml bottle… what would Lemmy say if he were still with us?
More beer from all over
At £4 a bar, I wish we’d bought shedloads more chocolate in the Baltics
One way to get kids to stop eating rubbish… £6 for a standard bag of Haribos

6 thoughts on “Scenes from a Norweigan supermarket”

  1. Hi and thanks for the info! It’s not quite so bad in Sweden so we’ll be sure to add some more essentials like chocolate to our already bulging bunker before we cross the Norwegian boarder

    • Biscuits are horrendously expensive too, and there’s not much in the way of choice either. No need to stock up on tins of tomatoes or tuna, or olive oil – that’s all reasonably priced. If you need more info then please shout!

    • Yeah I can’t leave here without mixing up the bread! Whilst food’s dear, you can wild camp virtually anywhere, so it evens itself out.

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