We made an early start to get to Schleswig not because it’s a long way from Friedrichstadt, but we’d read on Camper Contact that the stellplatz at the marina was really popular, filling up by early afternoon. Sure enough, there were very few spots left when we arrived before midday, and we bagged a decent spot. We can see why it’s so popular, as it’s just a short walk from the Altstadt, and the facilities are amongst the best we’ve seen on our travels. As we needed to do some serious route planning, and the free wifi was super fast, we decided that we’d stop here for two nights.

When we visit a new place I usually look up its history to get a bit of background. The history of this whole area is pretty complicated, and I vaguely remember Schleswig-Holstein from my European History A Level. It didn’t make sense back then, and having read about it now I’m still none the wiser.

We’ve been into town both days, and the Altstadt is very pretty, though the main attraction, the cathedral, is undergoing restoration under a fair amount of scaffolding. The nearby shopping area isn’t anything special though, just a rather tired looking high street.

Yesterday Carol managed to find a decent friseur and has had a much needed haircut, and today I’ve had a productive day planning the next leg of our route through northern Germany, Holland and Belgium.

Tomorrow we’ll be leaving here, heading for the Hanseatic town of Lübeck.


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  1. Hi Mike.
    Two places I have visited in Holland were Doordrecht and Zandaam ( check spelling). Loved both places.

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