It should only have taken half an hour to drive to Schwerin, but the main road was closed for resurfacing and with the diversion it took an hour.

The main attraction in Schwerin is the picturesque Schloss, or castle, with its moat and 50 hectacre baroque gardens. There are four stellplätze in Schwerin, and the one we chose joins onto the gardens, a 10 minute walk from the schloss. The Altstadt is on the other side of the schloss.

It was raining when we arrived, so we had an early lunch in the van before setting off through the gardens with our brollies up. After crossing the moat we walked around the outside of the schloss – we weren’t fussed about going inside – and it looked great close up, just a shame that there’s some building work underway with scaffolding attached to a couple of the towers.

We then went for a walk around the Altstadt. Schwerin is a medieval town, and whilst it came through WWII pretty unscathed, it has suffered numerous fires through the years and so most of the buildings aren’t that old, though there is one still standing which dates back to 1658.

Tomorrow we will be driving to Lüneburg, and the day after we’ll be moving on to Hamburg for a couple of days.


The Schloss from the gardens
More Schloss
I really like seeing the Ampelmänchen in the former East Germany…
… as you can probably tell
The cathedral
These cathedrals are huge!
The Sparkasse bank is good for sponsoring great street sculputures like this…
… and this
The oldest bulding in town
A final photo of the Schloss


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