It’s the busiest time of the year in Sevilla, with Semana Santa starting on Sunday, and then a week after Easter sees the start of the annual fiesta – the Feria de Abril, which is huge. The area for the fair is about 200m from where we’re parked, and workmen and women are busy building the huts.

Feria de Abril entrance
Feria de Abril construction

With it being school holidays, people are now arriving from all over. The main plaza, San Francisco, was closed and barriers have been put up along the route for the Semana Santa procession, so it’s super busy.

Plaza de San Francisco
Plaza de San Francisco

We’ve been to Sevilla before and have seen the sights we’ve wanted to see, so our aim this time was to just chill out and enjoy the food (and wine!). We’ve wandered around the town, been to plenty of tapas bars and seen some street flamenco which was really good to watch. Daughter Sarah was here last year, and had recommended a very traditional bar to us – Casa Morales – so we paid it a visit and it was just the sort of Spanish bar I like.

Tomorrow we will go for a supermarket shop before moving to a free aire outside of Sevilla and away from the madness!


Street flamenco
Street flamenco
Casa Morales
Casa Morales
Plaza de España
Parque de Maria Luisa
The cathedral (originally a mosque) – a UNESCO World Heritage site

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  1. Must be great to be so involved in the local events as you mice around. How valuable
    have the tourist offices been for you and how else have you gathered local info?

    • Hi Jon! We have Lonely Planet books for research, look stuff up on the web and generally use the tourist info for maps and specific questions.

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