The road to Split

Last night I programmed the sat nav to take us down to Split on the toll road instead of the default route which criss-crossed the Balkans.

We set off this morning, and nearly an hour into the drive we approached what we thought was the road tolls for the motorway, but as we pulled up to the booth we thought it odd to see a police woman there. The sat nav must have reset itself to the default route, as we were now entering Bosnia and Herzegovina. As the latter is not in the EU, our van insurance doesn’t cover us there, so we made a U turn and crossed back into Croatia.

After reprogramming the sat nav, we made it to Split without further incident, and the lady at the road toll charged us as Class II when she should have charged us as Class III, so it only cost us €17 – result!

Here in Split, the weather is warm and sunny, in the low 20’s. The site we’re on is great, and only €17 a night with our ACSI card. It’s so nice here that we’ll probably stay for a week. There are coach excursions from here to Dubrovnik and Mostar, which means we’d be able to visit one without having to drive into (or through) Bosnia, so we’re going to make enquiries.


4 thoughts on “The road to Split”

  1. If you get a chance, try the islands off Split. It’s a beautiful part of the world, and the coastal road south to Zadar is stunning

    • Cheers Stu. We’ll be going out and about Split on the bus as it’s a mare parking the van, so we’ll see if we can get to the islands. We’ll definitely be taking the coastal road all the way up to Slovenia, and I’m really looking forward to Krk and the national park there. The only downside is that most campsites have now shut down for winter, so that will dictate where we stop off along the way.

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