Valencia Day Two

We took the metro into Valencia this morning. It’s always a bit of an adventure using a metro for the first time as they all have their quirks. Our station is the penultimate one, and there are only a couple of trains per hour. We arrived about five minutes early to find there was no ticket office or machine, just the touch in/out pad. Not wanting to get done for fare evasion, I pressed the button at the help point and the guy told me that there would be a conductor on the train.

We got on the train and there was indeed a conductor, who didn’t have change for my €50 note, so we had to scrape our change together for two singles, and half an hour later we were in the Plaza de España in downtown Valencia.

We spent ages trying to find the tourist information office, and gave up looking when we found a city map on the stand for the bus tours.

The day was spent wandering around the city, and we were particularly impressed with the food market, it was awesome. This numpty forgot to pick up the camera this morning so there are no decent photos, but here are a couple of phone pics.

The temperature apparently hit 25°C at lunchtime, and it’s amazing to see the locals walking about in coats, while we were in short sleeves.

We caught the metro back to the camp site and had dinner in the van. Tomorrow we’re going to have a lazy day on the camp site. Since we’ve had the van, we haven’t had the canopy out, so we’ll spend the day in our garden chairs sat under the canopy reading and relaxing.


3 thoughts on “Valencia Day Two”

  1. I bet you are looking forward to your relaxing day tomorrow exploring places can be tiring, I find relaxing en-route aids trip osmosis …..but then again so can a bottle of wine!

    Weather here is forecast for rain over the next three days so rather envious of you.

  2. Mike – Big night for the O’s , LOFT want to know if you have any redundancy money left ?

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