We have a motorhome!

A lot has happened since the last update.  We spent a week away touring Norfolk in a rented motorhome (Sunlight T68) – more on that here – and the day after we got back we drove up to Nottingham with the intention of buying a brand new Sunlight T69, but came away with a (slightly) … Read more

Getting closer

Things have been moving on slowly since my last update. We had been planning to import our own motorhome from Germany, but since the Brexit vote sterling has fallen significantly against the Euro, making an imported vehicle a lot more expensive.  In addition, the 2016 models I’d been tracking have mostly now sold and the … Read more

Work/Life Balance?

I’ve spent the past few weeks at work managing a project which went live successfully over the past weekend.  It’s been a long hard slog, working with a difficult client and their service provider, and this has meant lots of stress and working long hours.  I haven’t really been able to do any planning for … Read more


Current planning is that I’m going to hand in my notice at the end of October, work three months’ notice, and set off on our travels in February.  This assumes that I won’t get made redundant before then.  I work as a project manager in the financial services industry, and the Brexit vote a couple … Read more

Choosing a motorhome

One of the most important decisions when planning to go fulltiming, if not the most important decision, is the layout of the motorhome.  Since we made our minds up more than a year ago to go off travelling, we’ve been looking at all the different makes and models of motorhome and their layouts.  We’ve been … Read more


Welcome to our blog.  We are Mike and Carol, a 50-ish couple from Essex in the UK.  In a year’s time we plan to buy a motorhome, pack up work, rent out our house  and spend a couple of years touring Europe. It might sound daft, but neither of us has ever been on holiday … Read more