All set!

First of all, a warm welcome to all of our friends from Facebookland who are reading our blog for the first time! If you’d like to keep up with our adventures, then enter your email address in the ‘keep in touch’ section. We’ll also be updating Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we go – links … Read more

A look back at 2016

2016 was the year in which our dream of travelling around Europe in a motorhome turned into a reality.  At the beginning of the year our plan was for me to quit my job and head off in June 2017, but my mid-2016 our thinking changed and we decided to bring that forward. We had been … Read more

No turning back now…

Well it’s all happening now, the countdown is on!  Yesterday I handed in my notice at work, and will quit my job at the end of December.  I’ve only told a few colleagues and they were all surprised/shocked! I’ll let the grapevine do its job for others to find out. I also told everyone in … Read more