From St Cyprien to Reyrevignes

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We’ve had a busy week since the last update from St Cyprien, so this post is a bit longer than normal with more photos – you might want to put a brew on! There was a Carrefour at St Cyprien with a laundrette in the car park, so before moving… Read more »

From Speyer to Jaligny-sur-Besbre

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We’ve decided that we’ll be spending winter in Spain, so over the next few weeks we’ll be travelling through France. Current thinking is that we’ll be visiting the Dordogne region, a pretty wine producing area with several villages which are rated amongst ‘Les Plus Beaux Villages de France’, and from… Read more »


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Today was one of those days where it all went pear shaped, but turned out great in the end! We’d planned to stop at Lidl and to fill up with diesel before leaving Bamberg, and then drive to Bayreuth. Once in Bayreuth, we’d stop at a laundrette before parking up… Read more »


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Unlike Würzburg, Bamberg escaped the Allied bombing in WWII, and the town is now a UNESCO World Heritage site. We arrived at the stellplatz at lunchtime, and there were fortunately a few spaces so we parked up, had lunch and set off into town – a 20 minute walk along… Read more »


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Würzburg is the city at the northern end of the so-called Romantic Road, which wends its way down to Füssen and Schloss Neuschwanstein in Bavaria, which we visited last year. In March 1945, around 90% of the historic city of Würzburg was destroyed in just 17 minutes by 225 Lancaster bombers…. Read more »