Valencia Day One

Yes, we decided to come to Valencia! The aires with electricity between Tarragona and Valencia  are few and far between, and things were going to get tricky without the electric to charge all our gadgets. By coming to Valencia now, we can book the van in to get the USB and plumbing problems sorted sooner … Read more


This morning we made the short drive to Tarragona. It’s quite a large coastal town, and on the drive in there were signs for the Centro Histórico. As these typically have very narrow streets, we headed away in a different direction and parked up on the sea front. After a steep climb up a hill … Read more

Barcelona Day Two

We haven’t had much luck with neighbours the past couple of nights. At the aire in Cervena, a van parked up next to us at about 11pm, just as we were going to bed, and the bloke decided it would be perfectly fine to get out of his van and wander up and down outside … Read more


We’re parked up on a another free aire, this one is about 100km from Barcelona. Like most of the free aires, it’s very basic, just a glorified car park with water and waste disposal facilities, but that’s all we need. We spent the morning in Alquézar, walking around the town. It was practically deserted, just … Read more


The drive to Alquézar took about three hours. In the UK I’d have stopped half way for a coffee and a rest after a couple of hours, but here is Spain the driving is so much easier. We haven’t seen a traffic jam yet, let alone sit in one, the roads are so quiet. The … Read more